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October 15th, 2012, 07:33 AM
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That's really too bad that he doesn't understand you cant just take babies over night when they don't know you. The first time I let Sean's mom have Dakota over night I think she was 7 or 8 months old and I did not sleep I knew she would cry out for me in her sleep. (and she was familiar with Teresa and she did still cry for me).

Yeah just money or gift cards, that is pretty rude. I have never heard of something like that.

I am finally happy and a lot less stressed. I looked on my college's website last night through the list of programs because I have been second guessing business. Its a huge risk a lot of money and school if I can't pull off a successful business. I ended up with a list "business, law clerk and Personal Support Worker". When I took SSW I was always interested in PSW. I don't need to upgrade math to get in, and its only a year long, I could be employed by next September in the field! I know its the right choice so that is the one I picked!! And I can bridge to practical nursing from it too if I take this course after I graduate and pass it, they take on 30 people per year. I really want to try for it! That being said, I am still going to upgrade my 10 and 11 math. I think I need them for practical nursing anyway and since I am on assistance they pay for the two math courses, besides its not like I'm working right now anyway so I might as well. But now that there is a lot less pressure to do the math really fast I feel happy again! I will be applying for the PSW program on the 1st. I cannot wait!

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