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October 16th, 2012, 09:05 AM
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I know we have quite a few of you and I have an important question!

When my younger son started 1st grade this year, we (his doctor and I) decided to hold off on giving him his ADHD meds because we wanted to see if he could be successful without them. On the 3rd day of class his teacher called me and pretty much told me that he would fail if I didn't start him on medication again (I made the mistake of mentioning his ADHD diagnosis when we met her on back-to-school night). So we started him on medication, but if he didn't take it one morning she would send him with a note to the office to have me called to remind me to bring him a pill. Seriously, this happened 4 times before I got so fed up that I threw a fit with the principal. His teacher complained that he stood up too much at his desk and blurted out answers to questions when he didn't take it. ***. Boys do that regardless. She made it seem like I needed to put him on enough medication that he would not move which I refuse to do. Long story short, we put him a new class but same thing is happening. He is being asked EVERY morning if he got his medication and if he didn't he has to sit at the office until I bring it. Before school even starts, so it's not his behavior that is causing them to ask, they are just asking and then not letting him participate in class if he didn't take it. His new teacher told me that she wants me to bring his medication to school so they can administer it there. It's a stimulant, so it's not like he would suffer from not taking it What if I chose not to medicate him at all?? Is this normal for a school to treat parents of kids with AD(H)D like this??

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