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October 16th, 2012, 09:25 AM
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Unfortuantely, a lot of teachers/administrators/school nurses/paraprofessionals, etc have the mentality that all kids with ADHD have to take medicine for it and they make their opinion known about the subject. We have one teacher and one paraprofessional that make comments about students' medications. I wish they didn't, but they do. The comments like, "I know he didn't take his medicine today" or "Mom said she gave him his medicine and I guarantee you he didn't take it." Things like that. But then again, the para and teacher that make those comments also try to make everything their business. The same para once told me that I needed to do a home visit because she thinks this 6th grader's mom is an alcoholic.

Okay, I got off topic there.

I completely understand asking a student if he has had his medicine when he is extra unruly and I think it's normal. But to ask him before the day even starts is basically like saying they have no faith in him as a person, just his medicine.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. What did you say to the teacher who wants you to bring it to school to be administered? (We do have some students who do this.)

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