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October 16th, 2012, 12:47 PM
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10/16/12 3rd cycle ttc natural CD 27-13 (4th cycle Pre-C CD 1)

Neka that is neat

4th month check up ...update on my daughter:

Update on my beautiful daughter Jakaira: she weighs 15lbs 2oz and 24inches long. She is already 2ft [email protected] 4mos old. I'm 31 5ft 3inches. Grow baby grow! Also she is very healthy. No juandice. Even though she was born 4 weeks [email protected] 36wks she is @ the age of 4 months development. She is in the clear to eat solids whenever we want to introduce... in this order rice cereal, no sweet veggies,sweet vegg
ies and fruit last. He said the point in the beginning is to get the baby use to swallowing solids first....and to expect the baby to be a little [email protected] it at first ( I am saying this in my words as I do not have the best memory) dh is not anxious to hurry this process.... I am not either but whenever we do, I pray that Jakaira takes well

Spotting...ready for af to get here...
I wanted this to be my cycle after all of these strange dreams
and my friend's dream....but I have a gutt feeling that right now
is not the right time...maybe after my daughter turns 1.......

A stranger said she knew a couple still trying for a baby (after 10 years) needed advice about how to try to get pregnant that they had
spent all of this month on injectables(so much medicine) ect. I wanted to cry for this couple on the spot. she said my baby is so cute with the blue eyes.
I wrote on a piece of paper a few things for her friend to try. I am praying everyday that this couple gets pregnant and has a healthy happy baby in their arms (also praying for all of my j.m. sisters) and some other people i know in real life. I told her I am in the buisiness of wanting others to have a successful pregnancy.

I know I was not going to update....but have a lot on my mind. Like I felt along...most likely updating this journal (for real) 11/7 not mad, I accept my fate whatever it may be. Going to enjoy my daughter...l know she is only 4 months... l did ask her if she wanted a brother or sister and she said Not Right hubby heard her. She can say...

No,Yeah,Mommy,Daddy,Not right now.

I was telling hubby the most perfect time for me to get preg next
and have a baby 9 months later would be June 2013 when dd turns 1....

but really only God knows when that perfect time is.

Oct 18-af is due,which would be 4th cycle*
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

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