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October 16th, 2012, 06:58 PM
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Weight: 24lbs 11oz
Length: 32 inches
Head: Big. I don't remember. lol
Walking? Since 8 months.
Crawling? Since 6 months.
Climbing? On everything. Stresses me out!! lol
Size of clothing?Mostly 18 months.
Size of shoe? 4-5
Size of diaper? 4s in sposies, OS in cloth
How much sleep at night? FINALLY slept through the night for the first time 10 days after turning a year old. lol. He was sleeping 8pm-8am but then he started teething so now he's back to being up once or twice.
Favorite food? Everything! He loves to eat.
Milk? Breastmilk? Formula? Whole milk
Favorite person? I'd love to say me..but I think it might be his brother. lol. He really loves most ppl..he's pretty social as long as he can still see me. So I guess maybe it is me?! lol
Waving? Since 10 months
What is he/she saying? Not much. Mama, Dada, sometimes Nanan (for my mom), Hi/Hey, Bye every now and then, Dog once..and it sounded more like GOH! but that's exactly how Xander said dog forever so I counted it. haha.
How many naps? How long? 2 naps a day. Usually from 11am-1pm and 330 or 4pm until about 5 or 530pm.
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