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October 17th, 2012, 06:24 AM
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Oct 17,12 4th cycle Pre-Conceive#2 CD 2

So with last cycle I took 4 pregnancy tests all bfns.....and each time
I felt sad and like (and this is what I dis like about ttc) cause it makes
me so emotional or maybe because I am so emotional it just makes my
emotions worse. I talked to a couple of my sister in laws and they both
said things that 1/2 of me agrees with....that I have my body back and need
to enjoy (not being pregnant) I do need to lose un healthy weight....
and enjoy being mom of 1. and the fact dh is not ready for me to be
pregnant just yet is another sign.....and my other sis in law said that I
should get pregnant when dd is 18 months I can have her all to myself that just sounds so so so so so far away...... that would be Dec 7,2013.
Im just not a logical [email protected] all..... all l know God knows when the right time
will be. I need to work on my patience. I have like 4-5 pregnancy test left
from last cycle( they are going to haunt me til l take them in the future lol)
and I do not want to take them til I am pregnant because I hate bfns Period.
I wrote out a list of what I would like dh to buy if and when he is ever ready
to try for #2 but til then l am only asking for this fertility blend to help
manage easier more predictable periods, less pain and helps with pms....
cause my pms is HORRIBLE (especially this cycle) soon l will know if he
decides to get it.

So I have changed the title of my journal from ttc natural to
pre conceive because we aren't trying anything right now and
it just fits what I feel and what is.

I can't wait for af to go away!!!!

P.S. so dh is going to get me fertility pills... depending on when I get them
Probably will start near next cycle (also depends on how they are suppose
be taken) but I am only taking them so that I can have normal healthier
cycles. dh only concern about us ttc#2 (in the future) is that right now
he wants me to [email protected] a much healthier weight so that our next pregnancy
can go much smoother than how it was with Jakaira.....and I agree...
it would be nice to go 40wks (not 36wks) it would also be nice to have VBAC
instead of another C section. I understand his worries. I love my dh for being
honest with me and being reasonable.

Neway Baby Dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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