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October 17th, 2012, 10:29 AM
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Well we got here safe. Lora and I met at her place at midnight, swapped boosters (mine's better) and hit the road. We only made 3 stops (miracle for me, usually it's 5) and the drive took about 10 hours. Only one hitch... we got separated in traffic, and since I was following her, missed my turn. LOL. And with no GPS, getting back to her was interesting.

It was a very unique drive. I probably spent 3ish hours chatting on the phone with her about day to day life.. it was nice. And we both realized this week that we aren't 1st wife 2nd wife... we're friends. Which.. I like.

So now we are here. She's staying with DH's family, I'm staying in DH's hotel room. Apparently his sister is already being a grumpy witch... with the stress and emotional pain I can understand some of it.. but going out there tonight to see Reme should be interesting.... I'm adapting a shut up and look sympathetic position... but DH is free to act as he sees fit.
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