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October 17th, 2012, 10:48 AM
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I know this is long, but I need advice. I have to make the decision pretty soon here too.
I've decided to go back to work part-time, and have been looking for the perfect part-time job for about a month. I currently have three jobs lined up, but none feel perfect to me. I want something around 3 hours a day, low pressure, and student centered.
I finally decided to look for TA positions. It just made sense. That job completely fits my criteria, and has the bonus of a paycheck in the summer! I looked on my former district's website, and they had 4 listings for pt pre-k TA positions, one being on my former campus. I applied for all except the one on my former campus because I used to work with the current pre-k teacher on the kindergarten team. She is a wonderful person personally, but she is a horrible teacher. She loves her kids, is genuinely there for them, but she just can't teach. She's everything you never want to see in a teacher; no classroom management skills, no common sense, no ability to establish order whatsoever. When we taught on the kindergarten team, administration tried everything to get her up to speed including hiring a sub for me so that I could work in her classroom for a day or two to establish order. It worked, but she eventually slipped back into chaos. She, of course, won't be fired. They just shift her around to different grade levels, hoping to find a fit. And just in case you're wondering, no, she's not a new teacher. I think she has 15 years total.

Long story short, I just didn't think working with her would be ideal. I figured I would turn into the teacher, and she into the aide, yet she'd be making twice as much as I would. I decided not to apply.

Well, when you apply for one school, other schools have the ability to see it. My former principal saw it, and she called me wanting to know why I didn't want to come back to her campus. I went up there to explain in person, and she assured me the teacher had changed since going to pre-k. She took me to her classroom, and OMG, it looked like a well run classroom. Everything was in order. The kids were engaged in their lesson. Everything was in place. I also learned I would be one of two aides. The district has extra money and is adding an extra aide to every pre-k classroom with more than 21 kids.

So now I'm wondering if I should take the job. Would you do it if it were you? I called my mentor, and she said she would find it difficult to take a lower position in a school she previously worked for. That doesn't bother me because at this point in my life, I WANT a lower position. Lower position is less stress and less responsibility, and taking care of my kids and being able to volunteer at Layla's school is top priority for me. I could walk out of there at 11 am, and leave it all behind.
So my questions are: would you work with a teacher like the one I described?
Would you find it odd to work in a lower position on a campus you previously worked at?

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