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October 17th, 2012, 02:02 PM
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I don't remember much of my nurse when I had my older son. I know she was an IDIOT when it came to pushing. She wouldn't let me put my leg down and take a deep breath (and I don't believe there was anything wrong, requiring me to get him out quickly). I yelled and kicked at her and she finally backed down. That is the only thing I remember about her though. She certainly didn't bother me during labor. But when you show up at the hospital 8cm dilated and are still walking around and joking...I don't think anyone realized how far along I was, so no one started to offer me anything.

My nurse with my second was awesome. She was part of the reason I did end up having a natural birth. She was supportive and offered me options when things got tough in that labor. Me having interventions was not at ALL on her...but my doctor who was panicked and apparently in a hurry.

I have an "in" at the hospital now (I am good friends with one of my nurses from Kierans stay, not the delivery one though) and she knows who is very pro NCB and who will give me I'll just request a switch if I get one she warns me against.
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