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October 17th, 2012, 02:48 PM
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14 week 2 days

So, my last update was pretty depressing wasn't it? LOL. Well, apparently I was in the beginnings of having a horrible reaction to Reglan. One of it's main side effects is .... anxiety! Of course, I got the script from the ER 2 weeks prior as a result of bad acid reflux. Still, they knew (because I told them) I have anxiety issues, and the gave it to me anyway. Nice bedside manner doc.

Anyways, on the 8th I ended up breaking down completely, anxiety was so bad I couldn't sit still, couldn't eat/drink ... and ended up in the ER. Got some fluids, 2 full bags since I was pretty dehydrated, but they couldn't do much for the anxiety except tell me to drink a lot to pee it all out of my system. They also gave me a script for Phenergan to take at night ... and to stick with the Zofran as needed during the day.

Well, let me tell you, the night after the ER visit I felt like a million bucks. No nausea, no anxiety, had an awesome nights sleep. I also increased my Zoloft from 25mgs to 50mgs and I really think that helped too. Since then *knock on wood* I have felt better and better. Haven't had much nausea, am sleeping well, eating like a pig (and it's all carbs and sweets!) and I feel happier. I'm hoping this sticks around.

So anyways, my NT scan results came back today - the doctor didn't give me numbers but her exact words were "everything was perfect" so that made me feel much better! I worry about the Zoloft with the baby. Everyone I know that has taken it has told me their babies were fine, etc. I still worry though so hearing that the NT scan went well makes me feel so much better about my developing bean.

So that's my update, finally a good happy update, hoping it continues!

Gender scan is on Nov 16 - 4 weeks - hoping it goes by fast. I am so thinking girl but my SO is thinking boy
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