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October 17th, 2012, 10:14 PM
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Back in mid to late September, my bf lost his job. We pay almost $900/mth on rent for 2 bed/2 bath apartment. On top of that bills and I (due to nasty divorce and an a*hole ex husband) have to pay child support every month. Well my bf says he's on monster, career builder and craigslist every day looking for jobs. His mom says it's true because he uses her accounts to put in online apps. Well I work Monday through Friday 10-7 and come home cook dinner and get in pajamas and I'm lucky if I get to watch anything on TV before going to bed. Why is it I have to come home to cook after 8hr shifts 40hrs a week? Why is it I have to.clean the apartment and wash the dishes? Now to add to all this, I was the nice family member and allowed my older sister to move in as long as she found a job and helped out. She's been married 3 mths and her husband is seeing his ex who is 20 yrs younger and he invited her to move in and kicked my sister to the guest room of the house. So I have to get the apartment cleaned and the room all set up while doing everything else. Today I came home at lunch, threw laundry in wash asked bf to throw in dryer when done. 5 he's later I'm home and they're still in wash. What the heck? Ugh....I'm to my breaking point. If he's this way with cleaning the apartment then it makes me wonder f he's gonna be the same with the baby.

Thanks for listening....or reading!!!

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