Topic: Can I Rant?
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October 18th, 2012, 05:51 AM
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That's awful! When the mister and I moved in together after dd was born it was kind of like that. I was with her all day and as soon as he got home I would leave and go to school until nearly midnight and in the time I was at school every evening he would somehow manage to destroy the house. It was frustrating and I went around with a lot of resentment towards him, almost left because of his inconsideration.
You should talk with him. He's not working. He's not helping. Bottom line, it isn't right. You're carrying his kiddo and working, he needs to help out. Even if he were working, he should still help.
I know that I have a bad temper and any "talks" always turn into a full blown war so I wrote a letter with all my grievances and included things that he *could* do to make everyone's life easier. It's not perfect, psh, what is? But, at least he's making the effort now!
I hope it gets better!
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