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October 18th, 2012, 06:54 AM
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Hey how are you? I understand how you feel completely. I would really try as hard as you can to sway if you want a boy.. it all helps right? it aint 100% but i do belive it does increase your chances.

these are the things that help.. i did copy them from the stickie.. i made this list up.. start straight up on drinkin lemon water and bi carb/ salt baths.. and i would be adding everything else in that you can. alkaline foods do help.

pH- Boy (y) sperm love and thrive in cm pH that is alkaline from 8- 9.9. You want to get your cm pH from 7.5- 9.
You can make your cm Ph higher with diet, supplements, douche, cold baths, orgasm.
You can check your cm pH by buying pH strips. Wash your hands well.. dry them. put in one finger and scoop out the cm closest to your cervix. wipe it on the pH strip and read it 10-20 mins after. You want to read it before it drys.

Diet - The boy diet helps with raising your pH level.. Increasing your testostrone.. you want to be adding food high in potassium as it sways for a boy. Add salt to meals.


Supplements- Are great for raising your cm pH level. Increase potassium to your cm. Its also great for you dh to help raise testostrone, repair and boost sperm count and boost his pH level. PLEASE TAKE FOLIC ACID ON THE BOY DIET. CHECK OUT STICK ABOVE ON MAIN PAGE OF TTC A SPECIFIC GENDER

Timeing- I would look into shettles. I would start charting fertilityfriend offer free charting. Also i would buy opks to try to help predict when you ovulate.

1. Select a method to track your ovulation. You can track your basal body temperature to find the spike just before ovulation, use purchased ovulation tests, count fourteen days prior to the start of your next period, or any other method you like. Many reliable ovulation prediction methods can be found with a simple Internet search.
2. Track your ovulation cycle on a calendar for easy reference.
3. Avoid having sexual intercourse two to three days before ovulation is expected. Since female sperm have a longer life than male sperm, the female sperm are more likely to still be present when ovulation occurs, and the male sperm are more likely to die before ovulation.
4. Have sexual intercourse as close to ovulation as expected, but not more than one day prior. The quicker male sperm will reach the egg before the slower female sperm.
5. Achieve deepest penetration when having sexual intercourse. Acidic environments harm male sperm, and the uterus opening is the least acidic area.

The moon- They say because there are positive ions in the air on a full moon it sways for a boy.

According to a 2005 study conducted at the Department of Physiology, Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science and Research, Calcutta, India, conception within 24 hours of ovulation at Full Moon brings baby boys. Conception during ovulation on a New Moon is said to bring baby girls.
Baby Gender Prediction Research and Astrology

Cold baths or showers- Its best for you and dh/so to be having colder showers or baths. Cold things sway for boys and hot sways for girls. It good for dh sperm to.
Add baking soda or salt to baths to raise your pH level.

*Baking Soda douche- It helps to boost your cm ph level before dtd.

2 tablespoons 2 a liter of water. Stir well. One hour before dtd stir again. You can use a douche or a syringe and insert it slowly. best to lay down while doing this.

* Baking Soda Finger-Helps to boost your cm pH. best to do one hour before dtd.
Clean your hands well. Wet tip of your finger and put it into the baking soda. Insert slowly into your vagina. Make sure you dont touch your cervix as it may burn.

*Pre-seed lube and baking soda- Add a pinch of baking soda to pre seed lube. you want to raise the ph of the lube to 8.

* Before, when and after doing the deed - Sperm count is highest in the morning so its best to dtd then.Its best to douche or do the baking soda finger 1 hour before dtd. Dh should have a cold shower or rub ice on his 'balls' lol. Also he should have caffine one hour before doing the deed. You can use preseed lube if you want.. remember to add baking soda. Deep penetration is best when dtd. Doggy style is used mostly for this. Try to let yourself orgasm before dh as it makes the cm more alkaline. After dtd some women use instead cups for 1hr 30mins after dtd as it hold sperm in for longer.

Good luck
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