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October 18th, 2012, 07:19 AM
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Not wantin but not ruling it out??

Well Im a mum of four, my kids are 7,5,2 1/2 and 1 1/2. Me and dh arent trying.. he says no more.. i even say it.. but some part of me still thinks about pregnancy, birth, the new born stage.. i always think maybe in 5+ years maybe.. dh still says no... but honestly i will miss not having a baby at home with me.. im going to be lost.. i just feel at the moment in the future i will want another.. Apart of me is happy with 4 though because my kids because the are healthy so im lucky, their alot of work and i worry about them all, cost alot for i lost 3ls of blood with 2 of my births.. so its risky.. i just dont know how to feel about it.

I just dont know how to feel.. cause if i was pregnant atm.. id totally freak out.. but in 5 years plus it would be ok.. but dh never wants anymore but wont get the snip lol.. so i have to freak out about protection. I did fall pregnant in march.. but i m/c at 6 weeks.. it was apperently my fault for not using it.. so i said to him if you dont want anymore kids and want to prevent it get snipped he said he would but never will. so atm we are using condoms..
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