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October 18th, 2012, 08:27 AM
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Condoms are too expensive to use if you're in a steady relationship IMO.

I have no problem with hormonal birth control, but no more depo ever. I have a less than 1 month old baby, but I always know I can't see myself not EVER being pregnant again. At least I feel that way for now.

I know DH doesn't want more, right now anyway. I can usually convince him otherwise. He always thinks that if we have more kids he'll have to get another job etc. Once you have as many as we do they don't really cost any additional money, besides food, but that's a year from birth anyway since breastmilk is free, So are cloth diapers (minus the startup cost of course). He also wants to be able to DO stuff while he's not ancient. He didn't get to do much in life, and I think he should be able to get out and experience things too, we will be doing lots of stuff this summer. Of course it's not IMPOSSIBLE to do things with a large family either, we just have 1 very difficult child and kinda avoid taking him places. Once we have a little more money when taxes come we'll have more $$ to drop him off at grandma's if we take long trips or anything

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