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October 18th, 2012, 08:32 AM
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I'm new here, also a Mom of 4 (all girls, 5, 2.5 year old twins, and 1)

We always said we wanted four, then having twins fast forwarded us to our number...and after having our 4th all I've been able to think about was that I wanted a 5th! At first it was " 5 years" kind of thinking. But it's become a much stronger feeling of definitely wanting another over that past year. DH however said no, done at 4. I've finally convinced him to consider it in a few years. We had a pg scare a couple months ago when my period was late, which freaked us both out about the timing, but confirmed my feelings that I really want a 5th...and DH even admitted that he was sad I wasn't pg, and that maybe he would like another in a few years.

So as of now we are saying no to anymore right now, but we will open up the discussion again in a few years (but secretly I'm saying i definitely want a 5th!)
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