Topic: Can I Rant?
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October 18th, 2012, 08:50 AM
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I really feel for you
DH was the same way when I was pregnant with DD and afterwards, other than going to work he really didn't help with her or the house. He lost that battle though and I kicked him out. Took a good year of soul searching for him to grow up and take care of his responsibilities. Not saying you should kick your husband out by the way! haha I'm just a no nonsense kind of person and I hate feeling slighted or disrespected. I hope one of these times one of your talks will get through to him. But your right your not his mom and you shouldnt have to treat him like a child to have him help you out. What about lists? If i don't make lists DH doesn't know where to start so I just make a list of 5 things he needs to do every night when he gets home. Sounds silly but it works for us
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