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October 18th, 2012, 01:55 PM
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I am also not sure if the symptoms I am experiencing are post mirena or implantation symptoms. I had my mirena removed on 28 Sep after having it for 4 years. I am EXTREMELY fertile. I had 3 pregnancies from age 19-22 with one spontaneous abortion. Two of those were while on BCP. I am ttc baby #3, like everyday. I have had what I thought was a period (it was heavy and lasted 5 days) less than a week after removal but now I am not so sure what is going on down there.... as I had a period while I was pregnant with my son and didn't know I was already pregnant until it was dated back via ultrasound. Yesterday I had morning sickness (which is a very specific type of nauseated feeling, I'm sure most of you know this feeling), now I am having what feels like implantation cramps with light spotting (very light pink), urinating more frequently, heachaches, excessive salivation (I am one of those who gets this nasty pregnancy symptom that makes me gag!) and emotional, but not angry. I mean Sons of Anarchy made me cry Tuesday when the crazy chick shot herself. I was like wth is wrong with me? I am waiting to see if these continue before I test and am wondering if it's just my hormones from mirena removal or hormones from pregnancy. Who knows at this point. I think the not knowing is so nerve racking. I guess it could be possible I'm pregnant as its been 3 weeks since removal. I just have to be patient. Definitely wasn't expecting to be expecting so soon. Maybe it's just my body getting back in sync or it could be ovulation symptons. Why do the symptoms for all of these have to be the same?! Aaagh I will have to wait and see....

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