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October 18th, 2012, 01:27 PM
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Do you get trick-or-treaters in your street/area? Yes we do

Do you give them anything? If so what? The past few years we've passed out full size candy bars. We get them from GFS so they're a tad cheaper. We did this to bring more kids to the area LOL... if you give good candy word spreads!!!

Or do you play a trick on them? What? No trick... but we do MAKE them say trick or treat... now a days kids are so lazy they just put their bag out for you to put the candy in and expect you to just give it over. I remember when I was younger and going trick or treating you ALWAYS said trick or treat AND thank you... not so much anymore

What we usually do, is get the fire pit out and put it in the middle of the walk up to our house and sit around it waiting for trick or treaters This year I'm not sure if we're handing out candy... I think we will go to my parents and sit with them while they hand out candy.

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