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October 18th, 2012, 09:39 PM
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Hello. I have 5 girls! When ttc #6 I was hoping for a boy! I looked over and over on how to sway boy. I did supplements. Lots of folic acid and fish oil. I changed my whole diet for 5 months to only eating alkaline food. I only drank water with lots of lemons. Tracked ovulation with opks. Dtd 12 hrs before ovulation. Made sure I had ewcm. Took a cool shower prior to dtd. Dtd from behind. Raised hips for one hr. had computer and phone by me. Only dtd once. I did get pregnant and it was a boy! I had my son August 30 th!!!!! Hope that helps. Good luck

I did eat one piece of dark chocolate once a day!!
Mommy to 5 girls!! Pregnant with #6! Our baby BOY is due 9-26-2012!!

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