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October 18th, 2012, 11:48 PM
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Can I just say that people suck?? This is my 5th baby, the 5th time I could have been able to give my friends and family happy pregnancy news, and also the 5th time someone has ruined it for me! The first two were when I was really young and unmarried, so no one was happy for me, just disappointed which is the worst. My 3rd, everyone was shocked and there was no excitement. By the 4th, people were over it and to make matters worse, my SIL congratulated us on FB before I even had the chance to tell anyone in my family so they were all hurt. I was only 5 weeks lol but they didn't understand that I hadn't even had the chance to tell them, they thought I was just keeping it fro them. Now this time, same crap. I can't even tell my parents yet because they will be mean and hurtful about it; my mom has been horrible to me every time I've been pregnant and it's pretty much ruined our relationship. DH told his mom and dad and told them not to tell SIL I mentioned above because of her propensity to post crap on FB that she shouldn't. Well, MIL went ahead and told her anyway and she's PISSED. Seriously?! Why should she be so special to know immediately? I am so sad This is definitely our last baby and I will never have the chance to announce a pregnancy and have a joyful response or at least not have someone mad at me because I didn't tell the when and how they thought I should. I know I'm just hormonal and this won't seem like such a big deal later, but right now it sucks and I needed to get that out. Thanks

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