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October 19th, 2012, 04:06 AM
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My little princess ..

I'm not very good at telling stories, or birth stories haha. I hope this comes out the way I am planning

We knew we were going to have a C-Section, so there wasn't much to prepare really. I was pretty sad that I was not going to give regular birth - but I also can see that I have a healthy baby... so It shouldn't matter too much right?

For the past 1.5 weeks, I have been cramping and contracting, but it wasn't enough to put me back into L&D, since we only had 1.5 weeks left, I decided to lay down when needed, sleep, and still go to work. The contractions were between 6-7 mins apart to 12 mins apart, and they drifted off eventually.

Thursday - 10/11/12: I called off work and took FMLA due to having to be at L&D at 6:30AM MST where we had a procedure to turn her so she could go out normally. We tried for about an hour, but holy cow.... was that extremely painful. I about died. Before the procedure - my parents and husband were told to go into the waiting room. (As most of you know, since 30 weeks, I've been heavy contracting... where putting me into the hospital early... guaranteed my husband to stay with me each time). My husband paced back and forth for the hour they tried to turn her in panic as he's never been told to go out of the room... he actually was pretty upset about it. When it was over, I was in complete tears (from the pain). I could still drive, but my parents did it for me. We went back home after the 3 hour waiting period to ensure the contractions would simmer down & they did. That entire day I slept (Got home around 1PM) until 6:30PM. That was a terrible day.

Friday - 10/12/12: I went into work... but contracted all day. Came home and pretty much relaxed. I finished up my episode of Hereos and slept early.

Saturday - 10/13/12: I'm off on weekends, this was my relax period. I woke up, got breakfast and laid on couch. I once again was still contracting, so I didn't want to do much. Matt and I originally had plans to do stuff, however, I mainly slept and watched Netflix. My father stayed with my mother at the hotel. Matt and I had our weekend together. Our relax night was playing World of Warcraft... and hanging out. We went to bed about 4a. I haven't stayed up THAT late in a looong time.

Sunday - 10/14/12: Slept most of the day, went out and about to finish up last minute errands before our big day,

Monday - 10/15/12: My 39 week 3 day appointment at 9:45AM. Saw my doctor, she did a quick ultrasound to make sure baby was still breeched, or moved head down since I had been contracting ALL week/weekend. Nope.... baby still on right side, sound asleep. So, we scheduled for the Ultrasound to be on 10/17/12 last Thursday. Kept it as such... Doctor gave a estimate weight and said she was still about 5.5lbs.... Told me to try to relax the next two days before we go in. She said I was crazy for still working (But like I told everyone, previously... I was going to work UP until I broke my water). I also asked my OB about me feeling ill and morning like sickness, she said it was normal and to keep my fluids up. I went to work at my normal shift - 12PM... we had a team meeting that day, so I was able to relax for 45 mins before my actual shift started. Relax? HA! I got sick. I went to cough, didn't work out, felt that queasy feeling. Went to the bathroom and practically puked up my food from the previous night and that morning (All I had was potstickers Sunday and rice krispies this morning). That made me feel a little better. Everyone at work asked why I was still there, however. Pretty much told them I need to pay bills.... lol and I wanted to work until the day of, anyhow. I looked like total crap, too. People could see I wasn't feeling well at all. I got off work early by taking my last 1.00/hr of Earned w/pay time off... got home and went to bed an hour later.

Tuesday - 10/16/12: I changed shifts with one of my friends at work to work at 6:45a-3:45p. That day was brutal. I couldn't sleep at all as it was HOT in my house, and nothing was changing the fact of that. Our landlords decided to turn off the swamp cooler early which made it impossible if we had any days above 70*, we were screwed. Work wasn't busy until about 7:15AM up until I left to go home. All I cared about was my last day of work, and baby was due the next day. I contracted terribly that day, and was grouchy beyond anyone could imagine. I cried on my breaks, and was just a witch to my husband and father - which I later apologized to. That afternoon, when I got off, I was in the mood desperately for chinese food... Hubby and I went to the mall and got some, keep in mind when I got home that day for lunch, I had chicken ceaser salad with homemade dressing. I also went to starbucks later that night as it would have been my "last night for a while", and I got hungry for Mexican food, which would have been my last time to eat, since I couldn't eat after midnight anyway. That night, I just couldn't sleep. I did my last rounds of things in WoW, stopped eating at 12:05AM Wednesday morning and woke up every hour. It was a brutal night once again.

Wednesday - 10/17/12: We got up around 9:15AM, had to be at the hospital at 10:30AM, my dad and mom arrived around 10:20AM, I got my diaper bag, laptop bag, camera bag, my purse.... clothes, etc. We took a last photo I believe that Tuesday of me being pregnant so I was good to go on that, and then headed to hospital. We walked to the L&D area, they got us prepped in our temp. room....

At about closer to 11AM, we had one more ultrasound to "just in case" making sure she didn't flip, but sadly she was still on my right side. The nurses were great. Got me prepped, IV went in smoothly, but unfort., had to get me on my left side too as when she was done getting me ready she already put the IV to keep me hydrated in, and then the blood guys came. Wasn't too bad at all. I was happy to have some type of liquid in me. They wouldn't let me have any ice chips though until after the surgery. About 12:45PM the doctor to get me prepped for spinal came in, let me know all what they were going to do, and we walked to the OR. Little did I know, that would be the last day of me walking free of pain... lol... The spinal shot wasn't bad, Matt stayed out of the room until I was completely numbed, he said he could hear me down the hallway, to which I didn't know I was THAT loud when it was kicking in.

The procedure wasn't all that bad, and it was quick. Apparently I did excellent haha. My husband came into the room before they started to do the procedure, held my hand and also watched them cut me open, watched the baby come out and didn't pass out at all. Baby came out BUTT first, then legs and rest of her body. She cried LOUD. He went over to the stand where they had her to read some of her vitals I guess, and he cut the cord <3. I at that point was excited and nervous all at once... and cried of happy tears! I was able to see our baby girl before Daddy and nurses took her to the Nursery while I got stitched up. I didn't see her for an hour, but that was OK. Got to my room.. and well there you go

Sorry if this was too.... long and maybe long-winded. Pictures will be incoming


Kathy Marie born on 10/17/12 at 1:22PM. She weighed 7LBS 13oz and was 21inches long
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