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October 19th, 2012, 06:26 AM
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They've been advertising this campaign on TV all week so I just wondered.

Are you donating?

Will you be watching the thing tonight?

Have you watched any other SUTC programmes this week?

Let's light a candle and do a bit of remembrance ourselves here for anyone we love who passed from cancer.
SB - Light A Candle
You can add your own personalised candle here:
Light A Candle - Birthday candles, Virtual candles, Votive candles, Memorial candles, Cyber candles - Light candles online
Tag it with the group ID UK to get them all together on one page.

With this candle I am remembering my Uncle Roy and Uncle Mick who passed very quickly after diagnosis of cancer, and my Grandad Alfred who passed from throat cancer when I was very young.

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