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October 19th, 2012, 07:03 AM
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What's the spookiest place you have been? A few specific ones come to mind - when I went to Greece as a teenager, there was a room in one of the ruins we were exploring that I just couldn't be in. A church where the chamber choir I sang in was putting on a concert - I couldn't be in the basement and I found out a couple of weeks later that it had burned down twice and there had been deaths. A house my gf rented, years ago - there were two rooms I couldn't handle (that wasn't a spirit though, something really horrible happened there and I had the delightful opportunity to explore all the aweful emotions leftover when I spent a first and last sleepless night on her couch.)

What's the spookiest thing that's ever happened to you? One that's funny now that I look back at it - we used to get visits from someone who liked to play with our bedroom lamps (they're a three step touch lamp). He'd (I believe it was a man) turn one or both on and sometimes when I'd go to shut them off, he'd turn them back on as soon as I'd pull my hand away, sometimes from off to the brightest setting instantly; it was almost like we had little arguments through them. That didn't really bother me except one night, we were in bed and had just started to doze off when my lamp suddenly came on. After swallowing my heart, I told him not to do that when we were in bed. Apparently I offended him because it stopped altogether after that. I believe he popped in to say hi about a year ago when the washer and dryer started turning on and off and going through the options and cycles (they play little songs and dings) while the three of us were sitting in the living room and no one else in the house.

Do you believe in spooks? yes. I've come across too many of them to not believe.

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