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October 19th, 2012, 07:34 AM
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this is one of the reasons i haven't told anyone yet. I'm grown and this is my third pregnancy all r by my husband n we are able to take care of them YET the last time i was pregnant (which was planned) none of my family came to visit, i actually had to take my baby to my mama after she complain that i haven't brought the baby to see her (she only 30mins away she could have came) anyway my mom gone than have the nerve to tell me that this should be my last one. I'm like you should be telling your other two daughters who had babies at 16 n then turn around n had 2 more b4 their 20 n all have different baby daddies. like why would you even say that to me. It is what it is, that's why I'm enjoying this time with just me n my husband knowing.

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