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October 19th, 2012, 09:03 AM
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with Brylie, I had one nurse whom was newly pregnant with her first when I went in (induction for hellp) she was okay - she was kind of taken aback when I told her I didn't want cytotec (actually ended up consenting after a long, long, long discussion and consideration - was not forced into it at all) All she really did was start my IV...I got admitted at 4, and my new nurse came on at 7 - dana - loved her so much - still keep in touch with her a little bit. Spent most of the night talking to her while sam slept....she left at 7AM and we had a horrible nurse who made a stink about me dripping water (after ROM) all over the room - didn't want me out of bed, even though my CNM told both her and me several times, as long as I was on a monitor she didn't care where I was in the hospital really, and all I wanted to do was sit on the toilet (5 feet away from my bed!) ... she left at 7pm and dana came back in and i was totally reliant on Dana....i dont know what i would've done without her. With nurse prissy pants in there, i stalled at 6cm for 9 hours...dana came on at 7, was totally supportive and I had a baby by 1030. I asked Dana several times if she'd ever had an epidural and she said she hadn't, but she'd never been induced so she didn't know what it was like and she would help me through natural labor, if that's really what I wanted because she knew from the night before I was really set on it - she got me into some really great positions, got me a tens unit, rubbed my back so sam could have a break..she was really wonderful.

With hunter, the nurses were awesome - but I walked in pushing so they didn't have to do much. There were 7 of them in my room when he was born lol

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