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October 19th, 2012, 01:13 PM
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Oct 19,12 4th cycle Pre-TTC #2 CD 4

So happy that af is coming to a soon end.
It was very dh got me these pms pills...
it says I can take it all month long (there is some fertility
herbs in it) he declined on getting me any fertility pills
he was can get pregnant (faster) with
my dh is not having that. and that is fine...I shouldnt be having
too many herbs in my body breastfeeding and all....
been doing a lot of thinking...right now is not the right time to
get and to be pregnant but if God wants it to happen...I am all for
it but the later the better. (like when dd is 1+) Dh and I had to
upgrade her big baby items that she will be able to use til she can
have a big girl bed. The last thing for us to get her will be a much
bigger and longer changing table. I knew this time was just feel like her getting bigger happened sooner than I thought it would. I have a new @ home journal to write in.... it will help me to de stress. I have not really done this since dd has been born. Anyway I will be much happier once af is done. (spotting for now til its done)

any way I need there to be lots of bfps this month and next to cheer me up ladies.

P.S. I cant wait til in the future when dh comes to me and saids its time to TTC for baby #2..... a girl can dream.

***Baby Dust!!!!***

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