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October 20th, 2012, 05:30 AM
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Oct 20,12 4th cycle Pre-TTC #2 CD 5

Happy that af has left the building as of the early part of yesterday...
now waiting for the rest of left over pms to leave the building.

dd eyes have did their 1st official change from blue to gray-green.
I need to write that in her baby book. Im a miss her blue eyes
but my genes are taking over.....I have lots of pictures for proof to her someday.

Happy Sweetest Day!!!!!
This day sneaks up on me every year...
and when I find out that it is this day, it automatically makes me think
about Valentine's I am going to let dh know what to day is!!!

Never thought I would get to this point so quickly..
but before getting online I caught myself thinking about what will
it be like to be successfully pregnant with number 2...
having a pregnancy ticker on j.m. and looking up what is going on
with the different stages of pregnancy & was just a quick thought...and thinking if it ever happens for will be worth it....
the longer it takes to happen the more beautiful it is going to be.

Winter has not even came and I already can not wait til spring!!! (so sad)

After I get some good sleep today...
today will be day 1 of working out...

soon the July 2013 ddc should be up.

4 days til l celebrate 1 full year from when I got my rainbow baby bfp
(from when I first found out that I was expecting Jakaira)

time is flying!!!!

BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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