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October 20th, 2012, 10:40 AM
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Thanks ladies. it was a rough couple of days... 10hr drive down at night, and the 10hr drive home took me 14!! I was so tired I stopped less than 2hrs from home to sleep in the car, then had to stop again after 30 min of driving and sleep again.. AND did it again less than 30 min later.

Now i'm home and wired. go figure.

The funeral was lovely. Her boys (I didn't confirm exactly who, but I know her Son and a nephew) actually hand made her casket!!! It was amazingly perfect for her, decorated in delicate little hand painted flowers. She loved that sort of thing, so it was just so fitting. And I have never in my life seen so many flowers for a funeral! Oh my word. it took 3 pick up trucks to bring them back to the house from the funeral home to be sorted, and that doesn't include the 2 dozen that were left graveside! Doris loved her flowers.

This one's a tear jerker. Gma had Hep C, from a blood transfusion in the 70's I think. Well once when she was sick, she had a vision of a stone bridge and a meadow, where she was met by her mother who shooe'd her away and told her to go on back it wasn't her time.

Well Saturday night she was sitting with her grandson and son and she started talking strangely. Kept saying "Oh how beautiful it is here! And everyone's here!" At first they thought it was because her whole family was around her from the reunion they'd had... She asked for her husband and said to him "Oh Bill, it's so beautiful. I wish you could see it."

And he know. Grandpa Bill knew. He crawled up next to her, and she described everything to him, the flowers, the humming birds, the butterflies. Things she desperately loved in life. So he told her to go on home to her momma and he'd see her soon as God deemed fit. And she did.

They told this at the funeral... what a bunch of blubbering fools we were... but I will never look at a plant, flower, butterfly or humming bird the same again.

I ended up bringing home a potted plant arrangement that was delivered for one of DH's aunts (my favorite one) because she didn't want it to die, and wanted us to have something from the funeral. And I happen to love plants. So I'm going to re-pot it and put it in Reme's room on his desk.. so he can have some of Gma Doris's meadow in his room. (it also happens to be the ONLY room with natural light. LOL)

We did get a small shot at ttc this cycle. I hadn't gotten a 100% positive opk before I left Tuesday (but it was dang close!), and as of last night my CM has shifted to my Post O... We are going to slack off on the TTC until next summer. We are still trying, but we will be less picky with the rules.. mostly just preseed and opk's and a whole lot of old fashioned baby dancing!

Oh.. and DH expects to be home just before Halloween too... so we won't really miss any cycles
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