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October 20th, 2012, 10:55 AM
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So I went to the doctor Monday and I was 4cm and 50% faced. He stripped me again and come that night and Tuesday I felt a little different! Well come Wed morning my contractions was 1-3 min apart and was not stopping. Got to the hospital checked in and yeap they keep it up 1-3 min apart!! I was so excited but was trying to focus because I wanted to do this all the way with no pain meds! Well I know someone that works at the hospital so she got me the best nurse ever!! I am talking she was coaching me through because I told her what I wanted!! Come 3:30 they broke my water!! I did some walking and rolling on the ball!!! I said OMG my back and my stomach I was having contractions everywhere but my toes! haha....I was breathing through them as they stayed at not even 2 min apart. She checked me around 4:15 i said I feel pressure! I was effaced to 103% she called it and was 6cm!! WOW!! But Adrianna had turned a little thats why it got me in the back! She put me different ways on the bed and had me lay to try and help turn her! I am thinking this is not going to work!! lol!! 7:30 I was at about 7 cm....come 9:15 i was 8...called the doctor...9:30 I was 10cm. She said if she did not turn like that I would of had her right after breaking my water but my girl was being a hard head!! haha!!! Doctor said lets have her come down a little and we will push!! About 10:10 I started pushing! Her heart rate went down a little so he said I have to help....My doctor has always been so nice and listened to me so I said ok at that point because first time mom was a little freaked! just wanted her to be ok!! Everytime I had a contraction I pushed and he just barley pulled after doing this about 6 times she was out!! No marks are anything! he was just helping along and trying to make it all about what I still wanted!!! DH was the best! He was counting loud helping hold my feet and did not say once you need all the meds! I told him before please just be my coach!! He was the best! The min they was bringing her out he lost it!! i smile just knowing how much he loves her!! She is the best!! I am breast feeding it was slow at first but we are getting it together now and with all the pointers from you ladies I think we got this!! This journery has been great not only with Dh and my friends and family but with each of you ladies!!

I have to get back to baby girl but wanted to drop in and get my story up!! I will put up pictures later!! Thank you for everything ladies and I am so excited to see the rest of the babies and watch each one of them grow on here!!! I can say I love being a MOMMY best feeling in the world!!!!
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