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October 20th, 2012, 11:01 AM
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I went over to Grandpa's after I typed the post yesterday to check in and see if I could help sort the mountain of flowers and figurines that came in (who better than someone who won't cry at every arrangement because she has no idea who the people are? lol). When I got there they were discussing one of my SIL's... and Grandpa basically said to cut my losses... but that I wasn't actually losing anything, not with her attitude as of recently.

Turns out I'm not the only one they don't like either.

His mom seems to have come back around. Which is good, though DH is still in the "I don't care, they've had their chances before" stage. But it eases up my mind at least.

His sister let the kids pick out little angels to send to the funeral for their great grandmother. Well, they sent Reme's back with me. Dh wants me to keep it here, on my shelf with my Dad's ashes. I'm waiting for one of them to check with L about it's whereabouts and freak

I'm sorry that your grandfather's family were like that Kayla. I think your Grandmother did the right thing, honoring his wishes. I know that Bill feels that he didn't do as right by Doris as he could have, but he felt an obligation to the family to make an exception. She didn't want anyone to see her at all, but her only surviving family hadn't made it to see her before she passed, and were very distraught over it. You don't upset an 80 year old man anymore than you have to.. so Bill chose to tweak her wishes. He had her laid out in her handmade (yes, her son and nephews and probably grand babies MADE her casket by hand) Casket, wrapped in her favorite quilt, for the family. We got 1 hour to see her, and say our goodbyes before they sealed the casket.

Well let me tell you, it will be a long long time before I get that out of my head. We assumed that meant they'd put the cover on it. No, they sealed it. Her son, her only boy, hammered it shut with all of us there. If I had realized that Aunt Lynn had fled before it happened I'd have followed!!

So the public got to see the family, and the casket, but not her. We think she'd forgive us.

Now I have to go and search amazon for a solar light that I like. I drove by the cemetery last night, and it was pitch black.. and I had a panic attack. I'm terrified of the dark, so is Reme... so the idea that she's out there (dead or not makes no difference to me) in the dark just about did me in. I had to pull over until I calmed down. My dad has no less than 4 solar lights on his grave, he didn't like the dark either. I'm gonna send it to his Aunt Lynn and cousin Teri (The one who likes me) and they'll get it put out for Reme and I.

And now I need to go dispose of a dead fish, and go replace said fish, and get some minor shopping done. I came back early because Woody couldn't sleep with me there (full size bed + two people who fight over space in their king size bed... was not a fun time.. but it's the first time we've ever snuggled at night. LOL) so I came back last night... 10hr trip took 4 cause I had to stop and sleep.
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