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October 20th, 2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by rlh27 View Post
After 10 cycles TTC and a threatened m/c, I said I wouldn't complain about anything either, but I'm pretty sure I'm the queen of complaining these days It doesn't mean we love our LO's any less or don't appreciate our pregnancy, it just means we're having a tough time and need some support coping. it'll all be worth it soon!

Whenever Caleb is in a position that makes me really uncomfortable, I'll do some squats (30 or so) or pelvic tilts (hands and knees, 50 or so), and that will usually get him to move into a more comfortable position. Unfortunately, the positions most comfortable for us, such as reclining, are usually the ones that get the baby in a bad position. If you have an exercise ball to sit on, I'd recommend sitting on that whenever possible. It took me a few days to get used to, but now it's pretty much all I sit on at home.
Thanks I know I will forget everything because it will be worth it once she's here but I'm probably being hard on myself like I always am.
It doesnt seem to matter what I do, Samantha is just determined to stretch out (and if she is really as big as my OB is thinking thats spells pain) and that shoves her feet and legs into my ribs and diaphragm.
Luckily I think part of my problem last night was indigestion because after some Tums and going to sleep I can sit reclining this morning again

Plus I think being able to sleep in till 930 for the first time in weeks if not months had to help

Thank you for the amazing siggy *Kiliki*

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