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October 21st, 2012, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by MarlowesMum View Post
I know that BC is now one of those things that is supposed to be covered 100% under Obamacare, Tara. Do IUD's not qualify for some reason?
Oh I didn't even think of that. I do know though that a friend of mine went in for bc very recently (not an iud) and asked about this when checking out and havin to pay- they said its not in effect yet. Hopefully it will be by then!

Ok... Dug a bit- seems the full birth control and other benefits coverage goes into effect when you renew your coverage- after aug 1,2012.... Mine doesn't renew until February.

Of everything i scanned... this sums it up well

"The free contraceptive coverage will take effect when the woman’s health plan is renewed, or when they begin a new health insurance plan. There are some exceptions, so it is important to check with your health insurance company to see when you will be eligible, according to ABC Action News.
Read more at"

Some of the exceptions are, as of now- it is limited to generic form... So things like Nuva ring, depo, ect will still have a copay if stated so in the insurance policy. The insurance companies are not obligated to have every kind free I charge to the member.

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