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October 21st, 2012, 03:53 AM
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Oct 21,12 4th cycle Pre-TTC #2 CD 6

After eating a lot of dairy through out the day...
af came back...l was wondering why pms was sneaking up on me again.
so l will be back to normal once it is gone.
Only 10 more days left of this month.
I am so ready for November & Thanksgiving.
I have so much stuff to do this week.
I was not able to work out yesterday like l wanted to...
will do so as soon as af leaves....

so after thinking dd eyes changed to gray-green
my dh comes to me this early a.m. to tell me that his brother
thinks that her eyes are still that is that is
debatable...l know they are a bunch of colors....
so when I see my family next l will get their opinions....
dh & his brother should know something about blue eyes since
they both have different colored blue eyes (my dh more of a blue-green) and then brother in law (maybe more blue or something)
but anyway...l never thought I would have a baby with blue eyes...
l always thought I would have a baby with brown eyes like me.
genetics is cool and funny like that. For my next baby I would like
him/her to be my little brownie (brown skin,brown eyes like me) of course looks do not matter but it would be cool to have our 2nd look like me since our 1st looks more like him.

will be praying that dh changes his mind between now and when dd is 1...about ttc......... ( the feeling to want to try ) keeps nudging strange!!!!

neway baby dust to all who needs/wants it!!!!!!!

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