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October 21st, 2012, 09:47 AM
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Every time I tell someone that my youngest daughter has two middle names they always look at me funny. Our kids names r carefully picked n chosen for a reason. Our oldest was named by both of her grandmothers. My mother picked her first name n my husband mother picked her middle name (which I really don't care for but my husband put his foot down on that ) now my chipmunk middle names came from her aunts. My sister n the husband sister who both passed away. It was something him & I bonded over. We both lost sisters at a young age due to heart problems. Since we didn't see us having another girl lol we gave her both names but wanted her to have her own first name. Now every time I write her name on forms r tell someone they act like WOW really two middle names. I know there are more kids out there with two middle names, why r they acting like this. Btw my side of the family has a tradition of having two middle names. Out of my mom 6 kids 3 have two middle names so I never found it strange.

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