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October 21st, 2012, 04:13 PM
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I've had an insane love of Fuji apples [one of the sweetest apples out there] Believe it or not, I developed an aversion to them right around the time "conception" should have occurred.

Yep! I'm an avid writer, I chronicle as much as possible and looking back to the day; I washed, sliced up my apples as normal and upon one bite I became nauseous. Now, I just went to the market the week prior and bought $11 worth of these babies. So that particular day I thought "that's odd?"

Tried to eat another apple a few days later, and again I was nauseous pushing through one slice. So yes, in hindsight it's amazing how some pregnancies (if you pay that much attention) do in fact reveal early on symptoms well before you miss AF!
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