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October 21st, 2012, 05:56 PM
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Ok, so short update, I am just exhausted today. Well, I am always tired these days, lol.

I have been struggling with lots of personal issues. My aunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and developed a massive infection after her hysterectomy, she was given hours to live. Somehow she pulled through... and is still struggling with the ongoing effects. My mom cannot handle any stress, and has been a total mess, she calls me and says things I dont find appropriate to say to your own child.. and flies off the handle at any given time. Its been difficult to deal with. Most days I receive phone calls that leave me in tears. Its a lot to handle.

Things at home are awful. Tom and I dont talk, and when we do, we argue. He spends most nights gone. He makes a point to say it isnt off with women (I think to make me feel better somehow... like it matters) but I know he is. He leaves receipts around he has to know I see... for high heels, and such things.

While these things are sources of stress, my main concern now is holding baby in. I have had issues with contractions and have had to have mag bags in the hospital a few times.

Earlier this week I had some light bleeding (blood was red) and I called the nurse line, while on hold, I stood up, and was sure I had wet my pants. I told the nurse this and she asked me to make sure it was urine (gross, I know) and I told her it didnt appear to be. She had me go in right away. Turns out, it was amniotic fluid... I was in panic. The doctors were great, and calmed me down. I received antiobiotics and steriods. I was there for 36 hours, and things looked pretty good. They assured me that many moms go on to have have healthy babies, and most make it full term... But, I am still of course very scared. I am on bed rest now, allowed to take short excursions if need be, but I am pretty cautious. I just want him to stay in there as long as he can!!

On the bright side, he is actually a little chunkier than he should be at this point, and is measuring a little big, so he's getting what he needs. I am still 10 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight, but he's growing well.

Through this, the ex has actually been my saving grace. He has been so supportive and has gone out of his way to help when he can. He was by my side at the hospital, the entire time. My mom didnt even come see me. He is actually trying to be better, its really really surprising, but I am grateful.

So there is my mini update.... Im still here, lurking slightly when I can

Miss you guys!!!

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