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October 21st, 2012, 07:32 PM
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I knew it couldn't last forever. I really need to vent.

2 weeks ago was O's first soccer game. It was our week with him. We were sitting by the field, getting him ready and we saw his mom looking for us. We said, "Go get your mom." He runs over, and before she even hugged him he grabbed him and sprayed him down with sunscreen. I had suncreen in my purse. I was about to spray it on him, but I sent him to go get her.

Whatever, we dealt with it and didn't say anything. She came to pick him up the next day, showed up at 5:45 instead of 6 but we didn't say anything and we let her take him and didn't tell her not to come so early. Picking battles.

This past Saturday he had his second game. He was with her. They showed up 5 minutes late. 10 minutes later, she sprays him with sunscreen because she forgot to before she got there. We said nothing. We were there to watch him, not over-parent her. She came up to Eric and said "Can you please tell your son to go practice with the other kids, he's refusing to listen to me." Eric said, "O, go practice and off he went." Also, during the whole game, all the kids were lined up on the sideline, waiting to be called back in to play. Except O. He was sitting on his moms lap... playing patty cake. And when he ran over to her during half time, she said, "Here baby, drink some wa-wa." HE IS EIGHT!

Anywho. We just picked him up tonight. We get there at 6pm. On the dot. He's not even ready yet. She invites us in, and takes 10 minuets to pack up all his soccer gear. She says, " I put a sunscreen in here, it's brand new. I figured I would send it with you in case I don't get there in time to spray him on Saturday."

Saturday is OUR day. I don't understand why she feels the need to parent him during our time. Oh and another thing. I take all his soccer stuff out of his bag. His jersey and his SOCCER BALL are missing. We split everything 50/50 so we could just send it back and forth. I just texted her and she's gonna bring it all to his practice on tuesday.

And the sunscreen? It's banana boat BABY sun screen. He is 8 years old.

I'm sorry if this all seems trivial. But I go out of my way to make sure we do things right and there is nothing I hate more than being made to felt like we can't handle him during OUR time.
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