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October 21st, 2012, 09:23 PM
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Depends entirely on what we're doing, and why. I don't drive so errands really aren't an issue. We only do those when we have someone to take us. Once a week it's grocery shopping, or any other minor and it's done either in the evening, or on Sunday. So school wouldn't be a problem. We don't really have any other errands. We're homebody type people

Our "vacation" is once a year when I go on a trip and they go to my mom's. They only do schoolwork if it happens during the school year. This year we started school a few weeks early so they could take that month off entirely. Last year it was during October so they did work at my mom's. If they are on a break or something from school, they wouldn't be doing work anyway.

I wouldn't make them do work in the car or something while we're out. It just wouldn't work very well for them. Like I said, we don't really get out much, we have no need to worry about it.
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