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October 22nd, 2012, 09:01 AM
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I had my Mirena inserted Febuary 2009, a month after my son was born. I never had any problems with it. I had periods for the first year which were light and short and then towards the end my periods became speradic, only lasting a day, and would be so light that all I needed were panty liners. I had it removed August 10th 2012 and TTC. I thought I was pregnant right away and then started what I thought was a period about 2 weeks after removal. That lasted about 4 days. Then I thought I was pregnant again because I didn't have another period for a whole month and a half. after taking a few more negative hpt, my period came again, lasting about 5 days and very heavy and cramping like it used to be when I was in high school before I ever even got on the pill.

I recently read that the first bleeding after removal isn't really a period, it's just your body reacting to the iud being gone. So if that is the case, the last period that I had a week ago was my first real period and I will be ovulating. Since it has been about 2.5 months since removal I'm hoping that everything is back to normal so we can ttc this month. I have also read though that some people get pregnant right away after removal and some ttc for up to a year before anything happens.

My biggest concern is that I have seen alot of woman report getting pregnant with twins if they conceive right after removal! Part of me would be happy with twins, part of me would be mortified! Anyone else heard of this?
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