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October 22nd, 2012, 09:52 AM
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Hi Ladies!

This is my first time posting a question. I really need your help on this one. I am currently on 10DPO and am feeling an increased level of cramping in my lower back that makes me feel like my period will be here any minute. HOWEVER, I have had a number of pregnancy symptoms and would like to know your thoughts because last night I got a BFN.

Here are the symptoms:

Nickel sized blood stain on my bed a few days ago on 7DPO. (I was sitting up for a while and noticed it so assumed it came from my vagina)..
Positive OPKs for 8 days in a row! (I finally got a negative on 9DPO)
Sore breasts
Mild headaches and sense of dizziness
Itchy red rash on the outer thighs (on around 2-6DPO)
UTI (on around 2-8 DPO)
Salivating (8-10 DPO)
Sleepy (8-10 DPO)

I know that many of these could just be in my head or due to PMS. However, I have never bled just once and I honestly think it could have been implantation bleeding.

I should also mention that sex happened on O day and once more the day after.


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