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October 22nd, 2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by w292737 View Post
Because she is his mom, and you don't just turn that off because your kid isn't with you, or it's his fathers 'time'

I still buy baby sunscreen, it's usually milder and easier and I can always find it in a higher SPF then regular.

i don't see the big deal about that stuff. if the soccere stuf fi smissing give her the benefit of the doubt that with everything going on with the roommate and trying to find a new place she's a little stressed or frazzeled, and she knew you were waiting and rushed. it's not a big deal, imho, it will get to him before practice.

sorry you are feeling so frustrated.
I agree with you. I even use baby sunscreen, it tends to rub in better, not as greasy (it's more lotion like, not oil like) and it seems to stay on better. I really don't care if my daughter is 8 months, 8 years, or 18.... sunscreen baby isn't just for babies, lol. Oh, and plus, it usually smells better.

Sitting on your parents lap at that age... who cares. Playing patty cake, a little weird but ya know some of the things I do could be considered babyish to Lils. Shes his mom though. As for saying wawa... I HATE babytalk at ANY age, and think that hinders development. But at 8 years old shes only making herself look like an idiot, so move on. But all in all, she doesnt really seem that bad.
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