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October 22nd, 2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Mom2Froggy View Post
Why is it odd for DH to kiss his SD on the lips?

Tony doesn't kiss Lily but if they both decided to I wouldn't care, even if I'm not married. He's been there her whole life.

I still kiss my parents on the lips, lol.
We don't need to have this conversation again! There's a really long thread about it here if you search for it. You can see her views and every one else's. It got kind of uh, heated.

Anyway, I'm sorry you're upset. But in the end, you're right to pick your battles. The wa-wa and patty cake make me feel hinky, giving our 13 year old's weird relationship with his mom. He STILL talks baby talk to her on the phone like saying "I wuv voo" instead of I love you and still holds her hand and kisses and hugs her in public. And she sits on his lap, or she did till she got all fat again. It creeps me out. I know my son when he was 13 wouldn't have been caught dead doing that or showing me affection in public.
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