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October 22nd, 2012, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Stepmom2Be View Post
I know there is opinions on both sides.

Let me just say this. Exactly what you guys are saying, reverse it.

Eric DOES turn off his "I need to tell O what to do" instinct when O's MOTHER is there and it is her time.We dont step on her toes.

This has nothing to do with ME being the one to tell him to do anything. I really dont do much when they are both around. I dont just sit there silent, because I play a big role in O's life, and especially during our time, Eric and I parent as a team.

But for her to just assume that we dont own sunscreen, or that she needs to buy us sunscreen just in case she isnt there in time to put it on? Thats just rude. Thats her saying O's father does not know how to take care of him. He got a little pink ONE time after 2 full days in the sun, and all the sudden she feels the need to control our time with him.

Yet when he comes to us with his whole upper lip completely chapped and scabbed from licking, and tells us she doesnt put chap stick on him, her reasoning is, "its that time of year, its unavoidable"
that is Eric's choice to do that. I know for me, personally, I am a mom 100% of the time no matter who is around. I am mom and I will parent my kids. if Eric turns his on and off thats fine, but you don't have ot expect her to do the same.

so she's a little anal about the sun screen. maybe it's because he got sun burnt at the ater park with you, or maybe it's not. who cares, it's sun screen and won't hurt him, and if she wants to buy sunscreen and send it with, let her. it's not like she asked you to go 50/50 on it or anything.
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