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October 22nd, 2012, 07:15 PM
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I understand what everyone is saying about parents being parents all the time and I don't disagree. I will say that the derogatory-sounding use of terms like "steps" or "father's girlfriend" when most of us know SM2B is engaged/otherwise shown to be in a highly committed relationship with the father in question (and as we should also all be aware, she is hardly the only poster who is committed without being legally married) is really unnecessary and unhelpful.

It's extremely frustrating for me to watch a group that is intended to be a source of support for people in all walks of blended family life make such disparaging comments about one another.

SM2B, FWIW, the sunscreen thing would bother me too although for me it would bother me because of the comments she made a little while back about his "awful" sunburn. Her continuous insistence on putting the sunscreen on herself reeks of, "Eric is obviously not competent enough of a parent to do this, so I'm going to noticeably do it in front of him to demonstrate my superior prowess as a parent." For me it wouldn't be about switching on or off parenthood, stepping on toes, etc.

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