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October 23rd, 2012, 06:52 AM
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We don't take schoolwork with us. I schedule most errands and things after school (we finish around noon). If it's something that absolutely must be done during school hours, I cancel school for the day. The older two have braces and I schedule tightenings (which only happen every 6-8 weeks) for morning. We do some school before we leave and finish up when we get back. We're only gone maybe an hour for those.

Vacations are no school times. We were off a week two weeks ago because we went to PA. We'll be off a week at Thanksgiving because we're spending a few days in Williamsburg. We'll be off 5 weeks in March/April because we're going to the British Isles for a month. Because of the 5 weeks in the UK and Ireland, we won't finish the school year until early August, but no biggie. We'll just split 2 months of summer break into one awesome overseas vacation and one month at home.

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