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October 23rd, 2012, 08:57 AM
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I keep looking but haven't found anything good yet. Lots of people are selling jumbo pots of sweets but I want some spooky themed ones. Need to get into town and look round the pound shops, they always have good stuff for Hallowe'en. We do have a few drumstick lollies put aside which were in a mixed bag of lollies as Daniel doesn't like drumsticks.

We tend to get trick or treaters from 5pm right through until about 9pm. After 9pm, we don't answer the door. Some teenagers will come at that time, but they're too old for trick or treating and mostly are just being cheeky - the last time we answered the door that late we got a group of teenagers and one of them actually said "can we not have money?" when I gave them sweets!! I told them no and not to be cheeky!!!

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