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October 23rd, 2012, 09:25 AM
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Ok so here it goes, TTC #1 since January of this year...

1st Round of Clomid (50mg) Taken CD 3-7
Positive DIGITAL OPK on CD 10
Progesterone drawn 7 days later- <0.5 (clearly a false +OPK d/t the Clomid)
CD 21 Progesterone just in case we missed something- 0.7
Kept using Digital OPKs............
CD 23 & 24 big fat smiley face +OPK's.

Seriously, this late on Clomid? I had lot's of CM and twingy cramping that whole week too. Now before the clomid my cycles were a little wack but averaged about 36 days.

I went in on CD31 (7 days past my REAL positive OPK for another Progesterone level, results were 6.6. Doc said she believes the kit was right and I most likely ovulated. We did BD'd both days I had the +OPK's and we used Preseed.

She says to just stay at the 50mg dose but I'm not sure I like the 6.6 reading. I don't think I really have any preggo symptoms. I will test tomorrow (CD37, about 12dpo) but doubt it will be a BFP with a 6.6 progesterone level at 7dpo.

What do you think??????????????????

Last thought...could my level be lower because it was so many days after the last clomid pill? I know they like it above 15 with a "medicated cycle" but is the medication still in my system that many days later?
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TTC #1 x January 2012
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Was on BCP for 8yrs until last August
Irregular Cycles
1st Cycle of Clomid
Using Preseed & Clearblue Easy Digital OPK's
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