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October 23rd, 2012, 03:17 PM
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I am so not the right person to answer this

First child, lots of research, TONS of research, Bradley book, felt 100% confident and happy, could not WAIT for labor to start! Labored at home until 8cm I think - completely painless. Yes, painless. Went to hospital, was 9.5 when I got there, again still painless. Did not like being so restricted in the hospital, the nurse was rude, MW started going back on some things she said she "allowed" like eating (which I did anyway). Being uncomfortable my contrax started slowing and my cervix started closing, this lasted for about 2hrs and that was painful. Had to get pit and epi. If I had had a homebirth, I'm positive I would have had a completely 100% pain free birth.

Second child, same MW, homebirth, but the contractions hurt like the dickens for the majority of it. I didn't go all involved on the NCB research b/c I felt like I was still prepared from the previous. Now I know that I still need to re-read all that stuff b/c it helped get me in the right mind-frame.

Baby #3 - Another homebirth, different MW, going to prepare like I did with #1 and hopefully it can be painless again! Just have to do the whole "get pregnant" thing

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