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October 24th, 2012, 05:07 PM
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Thank you ladies They told me we can't bd for 2 weeks after the d&c. And they said to wait till I have one full cycle before ttc again. But it seems like so many people get pregnant before they even have their first cycle. So now idk if we should just start trying, I have no clue where I will be in my cycle right now. I did hear that some women ovulate 2 wks after their d&c but I know everyone is different. I started temping again right after my d&c, just so I can see where its at & how long it takes to drop, etc. Its been dropping gradually since my procedure. But today it was at its lowest so far & that is usually the temp I have the day I ovulate (I don't usually ever go lower than the temp I have today). So now I'm wondering if I'm already gonna ovulate or not...but then again idk if my hormones are still all over the place and it could just go all over for a while, idk. I'm kinda nervous to try yet because I've heard if you bd too soon it can cause infection being so close to having the procedure, I also heard something about the lining being too thin still until you have one full cycle and I heard something about causing scar tissue. I really want to try again already, even though I know its pretty early yet. We aren't even supposed to bd until at least monday. But I can't help it, I don't want to waste any opportunity lol. But all the complications I heard about make me nervous. I can't decide what to do. So both of you conceived the very next month?! That's awesome! It does give me hope! When you say the very next month tho, do you mean a month out, right after the first cycle or meaning you conceived before your first cycle started? I'm just curious.. and trying to decide what I should do. Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers, that means a lot to me

Btw.. I finally figured out how to do some of the siggy stuff, like a timeline for due dates & for any losses. But where do you ladies get the other stuff, like being high risk, ttc quotes, etc? I can't find that stuff anywhere so I can add it to my siggy.

Thank you both so much for all of your support, you ladies are wonderful and I'm glad I found you to talk to Its nice knowing I'm not alone and can talk to others who have been in my situation before.

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